In observance of Passover, we will be CLOSED starting at 1PM on Saturday, March 27th. We will reopen on Monday, April 5th at 7AM and be open until 3PM. We will also be open on Tuesday, April 6th from 7AM to 3PM and continue with our usual operating hours for the rest of that week.

A Kosher Certified Bakery
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What to do with leftovers…

Do you have leftover bagels, lox or cream cheese? Here are our most popular recipes for using up your delicious leftovers:

Pizza Bagels – Pizza bagels are the ultimate after school snack.  They’re easy, ready in minutes, filling and kid-cooking-skills friendly.
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Bagel Quiche – Why not  hollow out a bagel and make a quiche inside of it?? Here’s how.
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Cream Cheese Leftovers – If your tub of cream cheese is about to turn, use those last few spoonfuls up in one of these great recipes.
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Smoked Salmon – When was the last time you ate smoked salmon? Was it on a bagel with cream cheese? Yeah, it usually is. Maybe it’s time to try something else.
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