The Story

Rosenfeld’s Bagels was born over 45 years ago, when founder Marc Rosenfeld tried a local Boston bagel offered by one of his Suffolk University School of Law friends as a snack during a late night study session. “I can do better”, he told his friends.

While it seemed doubtful that this Suffolk Law student knew anything about baking, the fact was Marc Rosenfeld was the perfect person to start the Boston area’s finest bagel shop. You see, Mark had worked for one of the top bagel shops in Westwood, New Jersey while earning his undergraduate degree at Rutgers. His recipes and techniques were exquisite, and it wasn’t long before the idea of offering Boston the best bagel became more than just a fun idea, it soon become a business.

In 1973, Marc Rosenfeld opened Rosenfeld’s Bagels, offering just a half dozen flavors of bagels and as many spreads. At first, he wasn’t sure if Boston was ready for this new taste, but it didn’t take long for his creations to gain recognition, first in the Jewish community and then expanding to the entire Newton area.

By 1976 the business at Rosenfeld’s was growing rapidly and Marc needed help in the kitchen. He brought on board Peter DeRosa, a Master Baker who helped to increase production while still preserving the traditional techniques that made Rosenfeld’s Bagels so great tasting and well-known. With the addition of more staff, the menu began expanding to more flavors of bagels, more spreads and handmade Challah bread that become known throughout the area as incomparable.

As the years went on, word got out. Rosenfeld’s Bagels became more than a Jewish-community favorite as it was reviewed and adored by the Boston area’s top publications, including The Boston Globe, The Improper Bostonian, The Boston Phoenix, The Newton Tab and Boston Magazine. Rosenfeld’s even received mention in a 2014 fictional story in New Yorker magazine as THE place in Boston to get your bagels (that’s quite a compliment from a New Yorker!).

Today, we still make our bagels and  bread the way we always have…with care, quality and a little bit of malt syrup to add a special kind of sweetness. Many of our staff have been here for more than 30 years, ensuring our recipes and quality are still held to the same standard. So come visit us in the underground floor at 1280 Centre Street in Newton, just down the stairs. Find out for yourself why generation after generation of local bagel lover keeps coming back to Rosenfeld’s…and why you will too!