Happy National Bagel Day! Due to your overwhelming enthusiasm and support for this event, we will be unable to accept any additional online bagel orders for January 15-17. We will extend our coupon promotion until January 22nd. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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How many people does a platter serve?

Whether about making bagels, the history of the town or how we do what we do, our customers are very curious and are always asking questions. This week one of our most popular questions was…

How many people does a platter serve?

For the next family reunion, party or business meeting, a Rosenfeld’s Bagels platter will make you the hero of the day. But only if you’ve ordered enough for everyone. Don’t worry — follow these guidelines to make sure fights don’t break out over the last bagel:

  • Our bagel platters come with 12 fresh bagels. If the bagel platter is one of many other foods being offered, plan on 1 bagel per person. If it’s the main attraction, most guests will eat 1½ bagels.
  • We package 2 8-ounce containers of cream cheese on our bagel platter, which is usually enough for 12 bagels, but if your crowd loves their cream cheese, more is always better.
  • Our Nova Smoked Salmon platter has 1lb of lox which serves up to 10 people – order two if you have a big crowd.
  • When it comes to whitefish / tuna salad, 5 pounds of either salad (whitefish or tuna) serves approximately 60 people.
  • Plan your hamantaschen platter to serve 1 cookie per person, if there are other desserts available. If the platter is all you’re serving for desserts, 2 cookies per person is a safe bet.

Remember, our platters are ALWAYS Kosher-certified, so you never have to worry that someone will be left out at your event. Our platters are easy to order ahead of time to save you time. If you have any questions about our platters, or would like our advice on how much to order, call or stop in — we’d love to help make your event a success!