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How Long Does Cream Cheese Last?

Whether it’s about making bagels, the history of the town or how we do what we do, our customers are very curious and are always asking questions. This week, one of our most popular questions was…

How Long Does Cream Cheese Last?

When we first started hearing this question, we admit to being confused. Our delicious cream cheeses taste so good on a hot fresh bagel, the idea that any would be left after the day it was opened was a little surprising. Apparently, many of you have really good self control!

If you’re one of the amazing people who can take home a tub of cream cheese and enjoy it for several days, your might actually need to know — how long does it last? At Rosenfeld’s, we hand mix all 14 flavors (yes, fourteen! — Check out the whole menu here.) fresh in our store daily. And, while conventional wisdom says cream cheese can stay good for a while, we find that maximum flavor and freshness lasts about 3 weeks from the day you take it home. After 3 weeks, the cream cheese itself may still be good, but the flavor may not taste as fresh.

So go ahead, order some today, take it home and savor it. We challenge you to make it last!