In observance of Passover, we will be CLOSED starting at 1PM on Saturday, March 27th. We will reopen on Monday, April 5th at 7AM and be open until 3PM. We will also be open on Tuesday, April 6th from 7AM to 3PM and continue with our usual operating hours for the rest of that week.

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For Rosenfeld’s Bagels It Was Business As Usual During the Blizzard of 1978


Forty years later, and you will still hear tales of the great Blizzard of 1978, and with good reason. This mega-storm paralyzed much of the Northeast with its wicked winds and massive blast of snow, dumping a then-record 27.1 inches of snowfall on Boston between February 5th and 7th, causing all activity in the city and surrounding areas to grind to a halt.

In February 1978, Rosenfeld’s had been in business for five years, already becoming a staple of the Newton community. So when the storm hit, it was only natural that we went about doing what we always did — we made bagels. As the snow continued to fall in neverending white sheets, we cleared the walkways as best we could and continued to fire up the ovens and greet whatever customers braved the elements in search of food. Their numbers were actually surprising. While New Englanders are a hardy bunch, this storm took many by surprise with its ferocity and tenacity, preventing many from getting to their regular grocer and running through their food supplies faster than expected. And even had they made their way to a local store, most businesses were closed due to the weather.

At the time, we didn’t think we were doing anything special. It was, honestly, just doing what we did every day, so the commendation we received from then Boston Mayor Kevin White was quite a shock and truly humbling. Looking back, we can see how truly devastating the Blizzard of 1978 was and how even something as simple as conducting business as usual made such a difference in the lives of people struggling during that storm. We’re already really proud of the decisions we made during that time and hope that if we’re ever faced with a similar situation that it’ll be business as usual that day too.