Happy National Bagel Day! Due to your overwhelming enthusiasm and support for this event, we will be unable to accept any additional online bagel orders for January 15-17. We will extend our coupon promotion until January 22nd. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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Celebrate National Bagel Day with Three Free Bagels!

Who needs Valentines? We’ve got an even better reason to celebrate this February — National Bagel Day is February 9th! We love our bagels so much we can’t help but spread that love by offering you not just one, but THREE free bagels in honor of National Bagel Day! And at Rosenfeld’s, we’re not just celebrating one day, we’re celebrating our favorite, circular baked good for an entire WEEK! That’s right, come in anytime the week of February 2nd through 10th and we’ll give you THREE FREE bagels of your choice.

Did you know….

Bagels originated in Poland in the early 17th century?

Over a billion dollars worth of bagels are sold in the U.S. each year?

Bagels should be boiled, then baked to achieve that delicious and crispy outer layer?

There’s a fierce rivalry between the New York and Montreal style bagel?

Now that you’re in the know, stop in for your free bagels and a healthy discussion of some bagel trivia!