In observance of Passover, we will be CLOSED starting at 1PM on Saturday, March 27th. We will reopen on Monday, April 5th at 7AM and be open until 3PM. We will also be open on Tuesday, April 6th from 7AM to 3PM and continue with our usual operating hours for the rest of that week.

A Kosher Certified Bakery
1280 Centre St, Newton, MA 02459

“Can We Have Your Day Old Bagels?”

For many years we have been asked by charities and fundraising groups for our leftover bagels. At Rosenfeld’s we are very happy to support the charitable organizations in our community, but to be honest, we don’t usually have very many leftover bagels!

When we do have leftover items, we work with several organizations who distribute food regularly to make sure they are put to good use. The Pine Street Inn, which has several locations in the nearby area, is one of the organizations we support. Since we can never promise how much (if any) leftover we will have, we prefer to provide a committed level of support for local charities so that you can depend on our contribution to help your cause.

If you are working with a local charity fundraiser, such as a school, college campus group, religious organization, or other type of walk/run event, please use our online donation form at to ask for our support. We do try to participate as much as we can, and as our kitchen production can allow. If you complete the form, we will be happy to contact you with the level of support we can provide and promote your charity on our website and via social media as well.