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Bagels – They’re Not Just for Breakfast!

It’s no secret that we love our bagels and, for us, any time is bagel time! In fact, bagels make a great, on-the-go option for lunch. Sturdy and compact, a bagel sandwich is easy to pack and easy to eat. So why not stop in and try one of our delicious bagel sandwiches for lunch today?

Try your favorite cream cheese spread and bagel flavor with some Nova Salmon or some whitefish salad on a fresh or toasted bagel of your choice. Of course, you can’t go wrong with one of the many combinations of bagel and spread flavors. Rosenfeld’s makes every sandwich fresh at the moment it’s ordered, so it’s never soggy. That’s the reason you’ll never see our sandwiches available for order by phone or our website (no one wants a soggy sandwich!). But rest assured, everything here is also Kosher-certified, so you can enjoy your sandwich with confidence.

Stop in today to try one of these delicious bagel sandwiches for breakfast, lunch or anytime because they’re always fresh and delicious and it’s always a good time for a bagel:

  • Bagel with any spread and Nova Salmon
  • Bagel with white fish salad
  • Bagel with lox spread
  • Bagel with flavored cream cheese
  • Bagel with plain cream cheese
  • Bagel with tofutti
  • Bagel with butter
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