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A Kosher Certified Bakery
1280 Centre St, Newton, MA 02459

An Authentic Taste of Nostalgia at Rosenfeld’s

So many people today seem to be in love with ‘retro’ style — whether it be vintage clothing, antique furnishings, music or even attitudes, but after a while some of this feels, well, contrived. At Rosenfeld’s we never meant to become ‘retro’. It’s just who we are. We’re the same place we’ve always been, evolving day by day, year by year, into a comfortable, hometown staple that holds fond memories not only for us, but for so many that have, and still do, live in the Greater Newton area. So go ahead, slip on your ‘Birks’ and Rolling Stones t-shirt (We honestly don’t care if you bought them decades ago or just last week. There’s no judgement here!) and come on down to Rosenfeld’s to enjoy some of the apparently trendy ‘retro’ style with a delicious bagel.