Happy National Bagel Day! Due to your overwhelming enthusiasm and support for this event, we will be unable to accept any additional online bagel orders for January 15-17. We will extend our coupon promotion until January 22nd. Thank you for your support and understanding.

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A Fine Idea: Rosenfeld’s Inspires Bagels in Berlin

Laurel Kratochvila grew up in Newton, MA, not far from Rosenfeld’s Bagels. Some of her fondest childhood memories include mornings at Rosenfeld’s where she’d watch the bagels being made—the steam rising from the pots of boiling water, bagels coming fresh from the oven, the early morning crowds milling about placing and waiting for their orders—all while she enjoyed her favorite onion bagel with veggie cream cheese. These early experiences started Laurel down the path to becoming a professional baker with a shop of her own.

Trained in France, Laurel now runs Fine Bagels in Berlin, Germany, and her bagels are without a doubt inspired by her memories of Rosenfeld’s. Hear Laurel talk about her visits and how Rosenfeld’s inspired her to become the baker and entrepreneur she is today.